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Are you interested in working with Dutch onion suppliers? Mol Fresh Food in Putten, is one of the leading Dutch onion suppliers with considerable years of experience. We are specialised in many different onion products and handle a variety of packaging methods. Our products are offered in a variety of industries, such as the (fish) wholesale, catering, bakeries, and meat industry.

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If you are intending to work with one the best Dutch onion suppliers, then you will be happy to know that we hold our quality standards in high regards. We possess different HACCP and ISO certifications. Due to our professional and efficient logistical chain, trucks full of different onion products leave our facilities in the Netherlands, every day. This is how we can guarantee our customers daily fresh onion products. As one of the leading Dutch onion suppliers, we offer products such as:

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Do you want to buy your onion products from one of the leading Dutch onion suppliers? Then take a look at the variety of onion products that we offer and order now! Would you like any additional information or would you like to know more about our company? Then feel free to contact us. You can reach us by phone via +31 341 491795 or by email via info@molfreshfood.nl.